Adams County


Adams County Winery 

Free tasting of award-winning wines in a 130 year-old bank barn and a gift shop with a wide selection of wines and accessories at Gettysburg’s oldest operating winery. Bring a picnic or purchase picnic food here and eat in a serene farm setting. Free tours, wine appreciation and home wine making classes. Civil War scenes and custom wine labels available. Free concerts throughout the summer.

After Dark Investigations 

Take a peek into the hidden world of the paranormal. We will teach you how to get an authentic EVP, take pictures of spiritual orbs and be a top notch investigator. Guaranteed to make you shiver. Skeptics welcome.

American Civil War Museum

Utilizing artifacts, historical documents, interactive displays, and 3-D productions, visitors will gain a better understanding of the events that took place in the town before, during and after the battle.

American Stories Historic Walking Tours & Programs

The 1863 Gettysburg civilians: Hear their stories and  experience their drama. Our walking tours lead you through Gettysburg’s town historic district and back in time to the exciting days of the battle in 1863.

Artillery Ridge Horseback Tour

Tour the Gettysburg Battlefield on horseback. We are the oldest horseback tour operating on The Battlefield with over 32 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisifed customers. Our tours and rides provide constant views of the actual Battlefield.

Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides

Licensed Guides available for hire at the National Park Service. Step back in time in the comfort of your own car. A Licensed Battlefield Guide will bring to life the battle that raged for 3 days in July 1863. Each tour is approximately 2 hours.

Battleground Tours

Specializing in conducting professional guided tours of battlefields of the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War Two. Our tours are comprehensive and client-friendly, providing an informative and engaging narrative designed to bring clarity to complex and often confusing events

Daniel Lady Farm

The Daniel Lady house and barn are open for guided tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. There is a requested donation of $5 for each building to assist ongoing restoration and preservation efforts. Children 16 and under are admitted at no charge.

Caledonia State Park

The 1,125-acre Caledonia State Park is in Adams and Franklin counties, midway between Chambersburg and Gettysburg on US 30. Caledonia is in the northernmost section of the Blue Ridge Mountains known locally as South Mountain.

Confederate Trails Horse Tours

Begin your Adventure through History right on the Gettysburg Battlefield! Ride across the Battlefield on horseback as you experience the Civil War as never before. The beautiful sundappled woods open onto the amazing vistas of the Gettysburg Battlefield. With many different rides available, you are sure to find one that will peak your interest.

Cornerstone Farm Horseback Tours

We offer featured rides with living historians in period dress who will tell you what life was like during the time of the Civil War. The battlefield story unfolds as you ride right where the soldiers were – experiencing the power of this important time in our nation’s history from the center of the battlefield itself.

Covered Bridges of Adams County, PA

Anderson Farm, Heikes, Saucks (Sachs) and Jack’s Mountain bridges.

The David Wills House

The David Wills House is a National Park Service museum in downtown Gettysburg that tells the story of David Wills, Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address. The museum features six galleries, including two rooms that have been restored to their 1863 appearance.

East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue

A non-profit organization located in the Appalachian foothills near Fairfield, Pennsylvania, this unique sanctuary is home to more than 40 species of exotic animals. For all of them, the rescue provides a lasting refuge where they can live their days in peace and safety. We hope you will visit us to learn more about these magnificent animals!

Overlooking the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds and Racetrack near York Springs, Pa. the EMMR is one the the premier racing museums in the country. The 40 acre fairgrounds and racetrack are restored to their original beauty, creating a magical atmosphere that makes EMMR a “living museum”.

Eisenhower National Historic Site

See where the meetings of world leaders took place at Eisenhower National Historic Site, the home and farm of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This site was the President’s weekend retreat and relaxation area and was where he led efforts to reduce Cold War tensions. With its peaceful setting and view of South Mountain, it was a much needed respite from Washington and a backdrop for efforts to reduce Cold War tensions.

Evergreen Cemetery Walking Tour

With the caretaker as their guide, visitors to the Evergreen Cemetery have a chance for a guided tour of Gettysburg’s most historic cemetery. On a 90 minute trip through history you will see the grave sites of Gettysburg’s most notable people and hear their stories. This is the best walking tour offered in Gettysburg and the only walking tour where all the proceeds benefit preservation.

Explore & More Hands-On Museum

Created by pre-school teachers, Explore & More has seven rooms designed to allow young children the chance to explore new ideas through play, in a safe, secure environment. Especially for children ages 2 to 8, the activities are fun for all ages.

Farnsworth House Ghost Tours

Step foot into the cellar of the Farnsworth House, one of the most haunted inns in America, to experience the original Gettysburg ghost tour. After descending into the candlelit cellar, your guide will regale you with tales of the Farnsworth House and the spirits that still roam the fields of Gettysburg. The cellar is decorated like a Victorian viewing parlor, complete with antique caskets, hair wreathes, and mourning antiquities.

The George Spangler Farm

The George Spangler Farm Civil War Hospital Site is one of the most intact Civil War field hospitals used during the battle of Gettysburg. During and after the battle, the Spangler family’s homestead was occupied by the Union army’s Eleventh Corps who used the buildings and fields as a hospital for some 1,900 wounded Union and Confederate soldiers.

General Lee’s Headquarters Museum

It was on July 1, 1863 that General Robert E. Lee established his personal headquarters in this old stone house. An ideal location, it was at the center and rear of his battle lines and it was on the same road that many more of his troops were quickly approaching. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days but the memories of this historical event are displayed in the building; one of the finest collections of Civil War artifacts in the country.

Gettysbike Tours

Let Gettysbike Tours take you on a cycling journey across the beautiful, historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Team up with a licensed guide and let them lead the way while they share their expert knowledge of the Battle of Gettysburg–you can either use one of our bikes on the tour or bring your own, or you can simply rent our bikes to explore on your own.

Gettysburg Anniversary Civil War Battle Reenactment

The Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment is an all day family event with several battles each day, field demonstrations, an extensive living history village, living history programs, civil war merchants and military camps open to the public. Gates open at 8:30 each day so order your admission tickets and reserved seating on-line now!

Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours

The ultimate Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tour Experience puts you on our famous Double Decker Bus with a professional Licensed Battlefield Guide. Relive the Battle of Gettysburg, as told by the most knowledgeable historic storytellers in the area. The  air-conditioned coach bus offers the visitor a truly unique perspective into the struggles of the three days’ battle.

Gettysburg Cyclorama

First watch the Gettysburg film A New Birth of Freedom then witness the drama of the 42 feet high Gettysburg Cyclorama exclusively at the Museum and Visitor Center. Tickets for the film and Cyclorama also include admission to the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War.

Gettysburg Dime Museum

Oddities and curiosities from around the world. n the late 19th century, a visit to a whole museum full of similar sensational oddities would have only cost you a dime – hence the term “dime museum.”

Gettysburg Diorama

Come see The Battle Of Gettysburg in a scale model recreation. A truly massive presentation, this is the largest military diorama in the United States at over 800 square feet of display.  Each detailed panel  is crowded with armies on the field, artillery pieces lined up at at fence posts and behind rocks. It is a miniature rendition of the Battle of Gettysburg in minute detail.

Gettysburg Ghost Lab

Don’t wait until Halloween each year to have a frightening exerience! Come take a tour of our ghost lab and see the supernatural come to life in this hauntingly interactive show. Walk the halls of our facility and try not to disturb too many spirits! Centrally located and easy to walk to. Near the wax museum.

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Our tour guides are the finest ever assembled! They are professional storytellers, full of enthusiasm and masters at their craft. Each tour guide has their own distinct route. Our tours are family friendly, less walking and more talking along one of the most haunted areas of Gettysburg,  Operating year round rain or shine! Tours last one hour each.

Gettysburg Heritage Center

Bordering the Gettysburg National Military Park battlefield, the Heritage Center is an educational and entertaining experience for families and tour groups of all ages. Learn what the Battle of Gettysburg meant to the people who lived here during the war. Located in the lobby of the Heritage Center is one of Gettysburg’s finest gift shops, offering an extensive selection of quality gifts.

Gettysburg Museum of History

With over 4,000 artifacts, everyone from the historian to child will be awed by our collections. Check out our exhibits for the American Civil War, World War I and II, JFK and other presidents, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and much more. The Gettysburg Museum of History was founded by its curator, Erik L. Dorr, whose ancestors moved to Gettysburg in 1818, eventually settling in Ziegler’s Grove, the location of Pickett’s Charge on July 3rd, 1863.

Gettysburg Museum & Visitor Center

At the Museum and Visitor Center you will find the National Park Service Information Desk, Visitor Center activities, ticket sales, Museum Bookstore, Refreshment Saloon and restrooms. Entrance to the Visitor Center is free; some activities require tickets. The Gettysburg Museum of the Civil War, with 22,000 square feet of exhibit space, features relics of the Battle of Gettysburg and personalities who served in the Civil War, inter-active exhibits, and multi-media presentations that cover the conflict from beginning to end as well as its terrible aftermath.

Gettysburg National Military Park

The park is open daily and visitors may drive their vehicles to many of the places known in battlefield lore- Culp’s Hill, McPherson’s Ridge, Cemetery Hill, Spangler’s Spring, Devil’s Den, the Peach Orchard, Little Round Top, and the “High Water Mark” to name but a few. The park also has hiking trails, a horse trail, and welcomes on-road bicyclists.

Gettysburg Railroad Station Museum

The Gettysburg Railroad Station, also known as the “Gettysburg Train Station,” “Lincoln Train Station” or “Western Maryland Railroad Station,” is a historic train station with depot, platform, museum and offices. Operable from 1858 to 1942, it contributes to the Gettysburg Battlefield Historic District and is most notable as President Abraham Lincoln’s point of arrival and departure following delivery of the Gettysburg Address.

The Gettysburg Story Battlefield Auto Tour

The Gettysburg Story Battlefield Auto Tour is the companion to the film narrated by actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gettysburg, Gods & General, Tombstone.) It is based on the works of Civil War expert, historian, author and founder of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg – Professor Gabor Boritt.

Gettysburg Wine & Fruit Trail

The Gettysburg Wine & Fruit Trail is the agritourism and agritainment Trail of the South Mountain Region of PA & MD. Family farms and family businesses as well as local historical treasures and venues joined together the bountiful and beautiful best of this region to residents and guests.

GettyPeds Scooter Tours

We are your premier rental and tour business in Gettysburg. We offer scooters, scootcoupes, and electric bicycles for hourly rentals and guided tours. Our tours are 2 1/2 hours in length and will cover each day of the three day battle in detail.

Ghostly Images of Gettysburg

Nightly walking tours are just the beginning. Gettysburg is a hotbed of ghostly activity and the spirits are mighty restless. Step inside the Haunted Orphanage, where innocent children were tortured by a cruel and abusive matron. Venture into the Jennie Wade House, site of the Battle’s only civilian death, and where something lingers still… Ride the Ghost Bus to some of Gettysburg’s most haunted landmarks or even host your own paranormal investigation.

Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours The original! The only tours in Gettysburg based on true stories from the best-selling books. Guides take you on historic streets to sites of hauntings & eerie sightings. 3 tours to choose from. Based upon the documented, true stories collected for Mark Nesbitt’s best-selling, Ghosts of Gettysburg book series, they are the only tours in Gettysburg sanctioned by the author himself.

Granite Hill Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf has transformed miniature golf into the 21st Century. Our new course design, overlooking Lake Lily and starting with an unusual waterfall and cascading streams from atop our own Stone Mountain, is like no other on the East Coast. Varying elevations, architectural mounds and dramatic landscaping complement the new state-of-the-art greens with their subtle undulations, sand traps and water hazards.

Grave Digger Tours

There are dozens of tours in Gettysburg that describe the battle and the paranormal. But there is only one tour company that brings the real horrors of war to life – The Grave Digger Tours. Follow our “diggers” as they take you on an unforgettable experience recalling eyewitness accounts of the soldiers and citizens who had to clean up the mess of 8,000 dead soldiers, 27,000 wounded – and over 5,000 dead horses.

Hall Of Presidents & First Ladies

The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies features the area’s only complete wax collection of American Presidents and their first ladies, as well as a beautiful gift shop. Here is an esteemed museum, masterfully etched in wax, that personifies our nation’s past presidential figures. See our Commanders in Chief themselves telling their own stories in words and stirring music in this single collection.

Haunted Gettysburg Ghost Tours

tours leave nightly from Gettysburg Souvenirs and Gifts, at 27 Steinwehr Avenue. The tours are scheduled for departure into the unknown nightly. Tours last approximately one hour, and are led by period-dressed guides, guiding visitors through the back alleys of Gettysburg by candlelight.

Hauser Estate Winery

Hauser Estate Winery is an agri-tourism destination featuring an assortment of wines and hard ciders all produced on site 8 miles west of Gettysburg. Relax and take in the expansive scenic views from our glass enclosed tasting room.

Hickory Hollow Farm Horse Tours

Horseback Tours on the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Hickory Hollow Farm is a family run horseback trail riding company that has been in business for 30+ years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our rides and the healthy appearance of our beloved horses. We offer you the opportunity to tour the famous Gettysburg Battlefield by horseback, in groups of up to 10-12 riders. No visit to Gettysburg is complete without a visit to some of the historic churches in the town. Some of these churches served as hospitals during the conflict, some were built as memorials to the Battle, and others played a role in the everyday life of the citizens of the time. These are guided tours that walk you to the particpating churches. At each church, programs and/or narratives will be presented. Some programs may be musical; most will relate factual human interest stories about how the civilian population dealt with the battle of Gettysburg.

Historic Round Barn & Farm Market

Located just 8 miles west of Gettysburg this barn is one of only a handful of true round barns surviving in the United States today. The Farm Market grows and sells one of the largest selections of apple varieties peach, and nectarine varieties in the area. We also offer a wide selection of other local and own-grown fresh fruits and vegetables during the season. Come and peruse the many interesting food, decorative and gift items available that fill the shelves as they curve their way around the interior of the historic round barn.

The Historic Tour Company

The Gettysburg Battlefield is much larger than most people expect, more than 10,000 acres, and it is criss-crossed by more than 40 miles of battlefield avenues. Our Gettysburg tours will give you a clear understanding of what happened here, why it happened here and why Gettysburg is so important in American history. You’ll see all the important places and you’ll see them in a sequence that makes it much easier to understand everything.

History and Haunts of Gettysburg

We take pride in bringing Gettysburg to you with detailed accounts of the great battle and the paranormal side, all in one. Come visit Gettysburg and see what you have been missing. Our lead guide/investigator, Stewart, has been a Civil War historian, focusing mainly on Gettysburg, for over 20 years and a paranormal investigator/researcher for over 25 years.

History Nerds Battlefield & Education Tours

All History Nerd guides are skilled, qualified, knowledgeable and trained Historians and Educators for The History Academy. Our Historians share the love of the town and the battlefield and give tours purely for the passion of sharing history with you. We are very proud to have some of the brightest historians and educators in the nerd vans and in the most historic little town in America – Gettysburg.

Jennie Wade House

Authentically furnished from cellar to attic, the Jennie Wade House is a shrine to Jennie and to life during the American Civil War. The Jennie Wade House features Guides in period attire that are well-versed in the history of the home. For years, they’ve enthralled visitors with passionate retellings of the tragedy that befell young Jennie and her family.

Land of Little Horses Farm Park

Our full-time staff of performing animals take the stage for guaranteed laughs! Get up close and personal with our famous namesake miniature horses and their farm animal friends. Shows, Displays, and Special Events are sure to delight the kids and “kids at heart”.

Liberty Mountain Resort

In the winter Liberty features 16 trails for day and night skiing and snowboarding and up to 15 lanes for snow tubing. Liberty offers 100% snowmaking and special events are scheduled weekly. During the summer months Liberty Mountain offers 18 holes of championship golf at their course Carroll Valley at Liberty Mountain.

Lincoln Train Museum

Our museum presents President Lincoln’s Funeral route from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois in operating layout including an audio/video presentation of the experience as well as American History Collectibles and our large model train collection which features an interactive operating train layout. Finally you will ride our simulated Funeral Car United States with the Spriit of President Lincoln as he pays tribute to those who made our nation great.

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure

The streets of Gettysburg serve as a backdrop for our unique story, told with elements of improv theatre and scavenger hunt. Put on your sleuthing gear, as Gettysburg becomes a road-map to fun, laughter and suspense. Hired by a wealthy eccentric entrepreneur, you are thrust into a mission that puts you in the center of a quest to uncover the secret treasure Lincoln Left Behind. Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is a LIVE two and a half hour adventure across the streets of historic Downtown Gettysburg.

Majestic Theater

On November 14, 1925, the doors of the Majestic Theater opened for the first time, welcoming audiences to the largest vaudeville and silent movie theater in south-central Pennsylvania. Built by Henry Scharf as an annex to the historic Gettysburg Hotel, the theater seated 1,200 patrons and proudly served as the cultural crossroads of commerce, college, and community. The Majestic-now beautifully restored to its original grandeur-once again welcomes audiences with an extraordinary showcase of the performing arts and cinema in the grandest small-town theater in America!

Mason-Dixon Ghost Tours

Our walking and spirit tours bring the best tour guides in Gettysburg under one name to offer visitors the greatest selection and highest quality of any Gettysburg Ghost Tour. We offer different spine-tingling tours, each taking you to the most haunted places Gettysburg has to offer. Each of our guides has created their own tour, each one unique, which will appeal to a wide variety of people. Whether you are looking for a ghost tour for you and your kids, or one which you explore with ghost hunting equipment, we have created a tour for you!

Mason-Dixon Wine Trail

Discover the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail – the Mid-Atlantic’s Premier Year-Round Wine Destination! Start with one of our two annual signature events in the spring and fall, and then plan your getaways to see us again all year long. The signature early spring Tour de Tanks and autumn’s Wine Just Off The Vine event have become annual pilgrimages for aficionados and novices alike to our beautiful vineyards and intimate tasting rooms.

Miss Betty’s Ghosts & Tales of Gettysburg Tours

Miss Betty is a professional ghost storyteller, paranormal, and living history interpreter, who has been telling stories in the Gettysburg area for almost a decade. She has hosted tours at the most haunted sites in Gettysburg, including: the Farnsworth House and the Cashtown Inn. Her superb storytelling was used in the paranormal film documentary “The Other Side”.

Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium Family owned since 1975, Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum features the nation’s largest collection of elephants under one roof, with more than 10,000 pachyderms, and the area’s best selection of candy, including favorites from yesteryear to today.

Mulligan MacDuffer  Adventure Golf & Ice Cream Parlor

​Mulligan MacDuffer features Two 18- hole championship courses encompassing four acres of lush landscaping. Listen to the sounds of our streams and waterfalls as you play our undulating greens, cave holes and water hazzards. Miniature golf at its finest. ​No visit to MacDuffers’ would be complete without a stop into the “Old Fashioned” ice cream parlor. Decorated with an extensive collection of golf memorabilia and golf art, the parlor offers an excellent place to sit and relax and enjoy an old fashioned ice cream treat.

Museum and Visitor Center at Gettysburg National Military Park

The Museum and Visitor Center at Gettysburg National Military Park is the best place to start your visit to Gettysburg. Here you will find the National Park Service Information Desk, Visitor Center activities, ticket sales, Museum Bookstore, Refreshment Saloon and restrooms. Entrance to the Visitor Center is free; some activities require tickets. *Buy tickets here

National Apple Museum

Opened in 1990, the museum is housed in a restored pre-Civil War bank barn and is owned and operated by the Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society. The museum mission is to preserve and exhibit the history and attendant artifacts pertaining to the Apple and Tree Fruit Industry’s history and contributions to the development and growth of Adams County. Exhibits include early picking, packing, and shipping of fruit, pest management, commercial fruit processing equipment, early orchard photographs and a recreated 1880’s farm kitchen and a General Store. The museum also features collections of farming implements, apple peelers and fruit labels and much more apple memorabilia.

Nestled along the eastern edge of Adam’s County is the quaint town of New Oxford. Rural landscapes, brick sidewalks, tree-lined streets, and stately 18th and 19th century Victorian and Colonial homes adorning the town circle make for an attractive spot in the heart of one of the country’s more historic regions. The town is built around a beautiful square and surrounded by well cultivated countryside and rolling pasture lands.

Ron Palm’s Museum of Civil War Images

Established in June of 2000, Ronn Palm’s Museum of Civil War Images opened its doors to the public in the small, historic Pennsylvania town known as Gettysburg. Ronn took on the intricate task of acquiring a building large enough to display his large collection of photographic images and other historic military memorabilia. Aside from what’s inside the museum, the building itself is of some important significance; dating back to 1802 as a two story log home, which is now covered in brick. It is the second oldest known structure in the historic district of Gettysburg.

Rupp House & Museum

The Rupp House is the in-town presence of the Gettysburg Foundation and a very familiar place to many Friends members. Open to members and the free to the public, the house features interactive exhibits and activities and also stocks exclusive Friends of Gettysburg merchandise.

Sachs Covered Bridge
The bridge is located in the Gettysburg National Military Park and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. During the American Civil War, both the Union and Confederate Armies used the bridge in the Battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath.

Savory Gettysburg Food Tours

We offer a 3 hour food tasting experience coupled with a cultural and historical walking tour of the town of Gettysburg. We cover a distance of approximately 1 mile of non-continuous walking. We unite food and fun together in a way that only Gettysburg can deliver. Our tours are suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, and you’ll have the chance to experience Gettysburg’s finest culinary delights from an array of ethnic eateries, historic taverns, family owned bistro’s and wineries while at the same time discovering a town filled to the brim with history.

Segway Tours of Gettysburg

The Segway Personal Transporter™ is the perfect way to see the Gettysburg battlefield. Experience the history and enjoy the ride! Segways are environmentally-friendly (no gas, no fumes, & almost no noise), easy to learn, and just plain fun to ride. The focus is on the history of the battlefield, however. Tours visit all of the main historical sites and are directed by a Licensed Battlefield Guide.

Seminary Ridge Museum

Located on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, the Seminary Ridge Museum features
four floors of state-or-the-art interactive exhibits–Voices of Duty and Devotion–will inspire people of all ages with in-depth looks topics not emphasized in any other Gettysburg museum: the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, care of the wounded and faith and freedom. Additionally, the museum building features the famous cupola used by Gen. Buford during the battle of Gettysburg!

Shriver House Museum

Travel back in time with a guide in period attire as you walk through the Shrivers’ meticulously restored 1860 home to learn the other side of the story – the civilian side of the Battle of Gettysburg. Connect to the past while you listen to the story of George, Hettie, Sadie (7) and Mollie (5) unfold as you move from room to room to appreciate what life was like before, during, and after the Civil War.

Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours

While many other Gettysburg Tours tease you with the promise of spirits and ghosts supposedly held hostage within the confines of the walls of their company, we say, “let’s go out and find them because ghosts know no boundaries!” We strive to take you “off the beaten track” in search of many, many wandering lost souls and spirits, not just one “captive”ghost left behind from yesteryear. Journey with your guide into the realms of the unknown and the unpredictable on a 3-5 block ghost walk “in and around” the historic district, covering some of the most haunted spots in Gettysburg.

The Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 3,500 Union soldiers killed in the Battle of Gettysburg, a Union victory often cited as a turning point in the Civil War. Numerous monuments stand in both the cemetery and battlefield to commemorate the Union and Confederate troops who fought there.

Victorian Carriage Company Tours

Confederate Trails / Victorian Carriage Company is a small, women owned and family operated business that provides horseback rides and horse drawn carriage tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield. We are proud members of the military, active in our local community, and enjoy helping families and friends create memories that last a lifetime.