217 West Princess Street, York, PA
Learn about York County's many contributions to agricultural and industrial progress on a visit to the Agricultural and Industrial Museum. Agricultural artifacts produced or used in York County for over three centuries include locally made wagons, tractors, steam engines and farm tools. Working industrial exhibits include a 72-ton A-Frame ammonia compressor, once used to manufacture large blocks of ice, and three-story gristmill, a hydraulic ramp pump, 1930s telephone exchange, and more.

Exhibits on pottery, casket manufacturing, dental supplies, piano and organ manufacturing, as well as York's industrial contribution to World War II, known as the "York Plan" are also featured. The exhibit, Air, Land, & Water: Transporting People & Products, housed in the Trust's 12,000 square-foot transportation wing, includes York manufactured automobiles, a Conestoga wagon, and a 1937 Aeronca K airplane. The museum is self-guided.