Gettysburg Tours


American Stories Historic Walking Tours & Programs

The 1863 Gettysburg civilians: Hear their stories and  experience their drama. Our walking tours lead you through Gettysburg’s town historic district and back in time to the exciting days of the battle in 1863.

Artillery Ridge Horseback Tour

Tour the Gettysburg Battlefield on horseback. We are the oldest horseback tour operating on The Battlefield with over 32 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisifed customers. Our tours and rides provide constant views of the actual Battlefield.

Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides

Licensed Guides available for hire at the National Park Service. Step back in time in the comfort of your own car. A Licensed Battlefield Guide will bring to life the battle that raged for 3 days in July 1863. Each tour is approximately 2 hours.

Battleground Tours

Specializing in conducting professional guided tours of battlefields of the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War Two. Our tours are comprehensive and client-friendly, providing an informative and engaging narrative designed to bring clarity to complex and often confusing events.

Confederate Trails Horse Tours

Begin your Adventure through History right on the Gettysburg Battlefield! Ride across the Battlefield on horseback as you experience the Civil War as never before. The beautiful sundappled woods open onto the amazing vistas of the Gettysburg Battlefield. With many different rides available, you are sure to find one that will peak your interest.

Cornerstone Farm Horseback Tours

We offer featured rides with living historians in period dress who will tell you what life was like during the time of the Civil War. The battlefield story unfolds as you ride right where the soldiers were – experiencing the power of this important time in our nation’s history from the center of the battlefield itself.

Evergreen Cemetery Walking Tour

With the caretaker as their guide, visitors to the Evergreen Cemetery have a chance for a guided tour of Gettysburg’s most historic cemetery. On a 90 minute trip through history you will see the grave sites of Gettysburg’s most notable people and hear their stories. This is the best walking tour offered in Gettysburg and the only walking tour where all the proceeds benefit preservation.

Gettysbike Tours

Let Gettysbike Tours take you on a cycling journey across the beautiful, historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Team up with a licensed guide and let them lead the way while they share their expert knowledge of the Battle of Gettysburg–you can either use one of our bikes on the tour or bring your own, or you can simply rent our bikes to explore on your own.

Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours

The ultimate Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tour Experience puts you on our famous Double Decker Bus with a professional Licensed Battlefield Guide. Relive the Battle of Gettysburg, as told by the most knowledgeable historic storytellers in the area. The  air-conditioned coach bus offers the visitor a truly unique perspective into the struggles of the three days’ battle.

The Gettysburg Story Battlefield Auto Tour

The Gettysburg Story Battlefield Auto Tour is the companion to the film narrated by actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gettysburg, Gods & General, Tombstone.) It is based on the works of Civil War expert, historian, author and founder of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg – Professor Gabor Boritt.

GettyPeds Scooter Tours

We are your premier rental and tour business in Gettysburg. We offer scooters, scootcoupes, and electric bicycles for hourly rentals and guided tours. Our tours are 2 1/2 hours in length and will cover each day of the three day battle in detail.

Hickory Hollow Farm Horse Tours

Horseback Tours on the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Hickory Hollow Farm is a family run horseback trail riding company that has been in business for 30+ years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our rides and the healthy appearance of our beloved horses. We offer you the opportunity to tour the famous Gettysburg Battlefield by horseback, in groups of up to 10-12 riders.

Historic Church Walking Tours

No visit to Gettysburg is complete without a visit to some of the historic churches in the town. Some of these churches served as hospitals during the conflict, some were built as memorials to the Battle, and others played a role in the everyday life of the citizens of the time. These are guided tours that walk you to the particpating churches. At each church, programs and/or narratives will be presented. Some programs may be musical; most will relate factual human interest stories about how the civilian population dealt with the battle of Gettysburg.

The Historic Tour Company

The Gettysburg Battlefield is much larger than most people expect, more than 10,000 acres, and it is criss-crossed by more than 40 miles of battlefield avenues. Our Gettysburg tours will give you a clear understanding of what happened here, why it happened here and why Gettysburg is so important in American history. You’ll see all the important places and you’ll see them in a sequence that makes it much easier to understand everything.

History Nerds Battlefield & Education Tours

All History Nerd guides are skilled, qualified, knowledgeable and trained Historians and Educators for The History Academy. Our Historians share the love of the town and the battlefield and give tours purely for the passion of sharing history with you. We are very proud to have some of the brightest historians and educators in the nerd vans and in the most historic little town in America – Gettysburg.

Savory Gettysburg Food Tours

We offer a 3 hour food tasting experience coupled with a cultural and historical walking tour of the town of Gettysburg. We cover a distance of approximately 1 mile of non-continuous walking. We unite food and fun together in a way that only Gettysburg can deliver. Our tours are suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, and you’ll have the chance to experience Gettysburg’s finest culinary delights from an array of ethnic eateries, historic taverns, family owned bistro’s and wineries while at the same time discovering a town filled to the brim with history.

Segway Tours of Gettysburg

The Segway Personal Transporter™ is the perfect way to see the Gettysburg battlefield. Experience the history and enjoy the ride! Segways are environmentally-friendly (no gas, no fumes, & almost no noise), easy to learn, and just plain fun to ride. The focus is on the history of the battlefield, however. Tours visit all of the main historical sites and are directed by a Licensed Battlefield Guide.

Victorian Carriage Company Tours

Confederate Trails / Victorian Carriage Company is a small, women owned and family operated business that provides horseback rides and horse drawn carriage tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield. We are proud members of the military, active in our local community, and enjoy helping families and friends create memories that last a lifetime.