Traditional Lehigh County Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple Recipe


According to the article coriander is used in the eastern counties (Berks, Lehigh and Northampton) of the Deitscherei whereas in the more westerly counties, like Lancaster and York, sage is the tradition.

Source: The Historian – Scrapple: ‘Flower of Flavors’

“In a large kettle or farmer’s boiler, over a good fire, cook pork bones, heart, liver and any other meat until the meat falls off the bones. Stir often. Dip meat out and onto a tray and let it cool until it can be picked off the bones. Sort meat from bones; discard bones and grind meat. Dip broth from kettle and strain to remove any bones. Measure the broth. Lower the fire. Combine:

• 1/2 part ground meat

• 1/2 part broth

• 1/8 pound pepper to taste

• 2-3 tablespoons salt

• Handful of coriander

• Extra hog fat if pork is lean

• 4 pounds cornmeal added when the above is hot

Heat to boiling and cook 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Add six pounds of buckwheat flour gradually (sprinkle by hand slowly and stir so lumps do not form). Cook until boiling. Add whole wheat flour as needed to thicken. Entire contents will separate from sides of pot. Quickly scoop scrapple onto pans and let cool.” 

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