VIDEO | Ask A PA Dutchman: PA Dutch and Germany


He makes a great point about the modern state of Germany not existing when the immigrants who were to become the founders of the Pennsylvania Dutch Culture came to this country. It’s also important to remember that when they came the United States didn’t exist either. It was a coloney of the British Empire. The bulk of these immigrants arrived between 1683 and the Revolutionary War. So in reality, Pennsylvania Dutch Country – as an independent culturo-linguistic entity – pre-dates the formal formation of the U.S. that followed the war. So any questioning of the loyalty or patriotism of the PA Dutch people that took place during the period from WW I to WW II was nothing more than gross ignorance on the part of those that partook in it. It’s probably safe to say, the natives of the Deitscherei were more authentically American than many of their accusatory detractors.

As Mr. Madenford states in the video there is a growing interest in the Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch dialect among young people. I believe that part of the reason this is happening is due to the desire of people in general to break out of the cultural fog created by the soulless, dumbed down, celebrity driven media overlay that is strangling the American spirit. A very effective way to decouple from the dominant culture is the re-discovery of the many authentic regional identities that exist in the United States.

One of the strongest of these regional identities is the that of the Pennsylvania Dutch, and one of the reasons, I believe, it is so strong is because it has its own language. Speaking a different, yet historically legitimate and authentic language is one way to re-embrace your regional spirit and throw off the psychological yoke of mass media created borg culture. Mr. Madenford is part of this renaissance and should be applauded for his efforts to promote the dialect and it’s attendent cultural forms. Go Doug!


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