VIDEO | Ask A PA Dutchman: Vegans



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The notion that Pennsylvania Dutch could go fallow is absurd to the Amish, who have been doubling their population every few decades. “It’s actually considered the fastest-growing small-minority language in the ...
Musician Steve Brosky's ode to Allentaun and Penn Dutch culture.
Names of America: Who Calls a Town ‘Intercourse?’
→ Names of America: Who Calls a Town 'Intercourse?' There is a plethora of tongue in cheek merchandise available for those who find the idea of a town named Intercourse humorous. ...
Yes! Kick Santa to the curb and turn Belsknickel loose upon the land. For more 'Ask A PA Dutchman' episodes and Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch language videos check out Doulgas Madenford's YouTube channel.
He makes a great point about the modern state of Germany not existing when the immigrants who were to become the founders of the Pennsylvania Dutch Culture came to this ...
You can't come to God's Country and turn your nose up at Cow Flowers! I personally love the smell of fresh manure as long as it is one part of an ...
"I'd like to accept this Chonny™ for Best Laid Pipe on behalf of plumbers everywhere, without whom the Brad Pitts and Gwyneth Paltrows of the world would be left wallow in ...
Bring back coffee flavored coffee! You can find more Ask A PA Dutchman episodes and Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch language videos on Douglas Madenford's YouTube channel.
Keeping the Pennsylvania Dutch language alive – and thriving
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Names of America: Who Calls a Town ‘Intercourse?’
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